Meditation For Weight Loss

Meditation For Weight Loss
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Meditation For Weight Loss

Is it possible that meditation assists with weight loss?

Damn straight it does!  Put it this way, as part of a holistic approach to health, meditation should be a part of daily practice.

Does meditation actively burn fat right there and then? I’d think not – but the affect it has on mental health and brain chemistry plays it’s role in weight loss, without a doubt.

Meditation, Stress and Obesity.

There’s no doubt that stress is related to obesity.  One of the contributing factors is the increase in hunger hormone, Ghrelin, which increases the craving for calorie dense foods.  Mediation as part of daily routine and/or intermittently through the day will keep ghrelin at bay.

Meditation, Mindset and Weight Loss.

Weight loss success is determined hugely by mindset. What you believe and feel influences how you’ll fair.  The emotional connections you have with your body image, your weight loss strategy and the foods you eat will all contribute to permanent results.

Meditation allows for a moment to sit with your beliefs and feelings.  When life whizzes by, there’s no opportunity to recognize negative thoughts that hold us back or influence sabotage behaviour.

Meditation is an opportunity to lay down a new foundation, from which you build the person you want to become.  When you’ve set your goals, and decided WHY you want to lose weight, daily meditation allows you to engrain it deep into the subconscious.  Your actions then line up with your WHY.

Meditation, feelin’ good and physical health.

Not the first time I’ve touched on this – Your psychology shapes your physiology. What happens in the mind has a direct influence on the body.  We store emotion in our body tissue and organs, leading to disease and pain.

Mediation leaves you feeling good.  The mind is clearer, your lungs are open and stress hormones are flushed away.  Our body reaps the reward.

When we feel good and think good, it leaks into our actions.  We then eat good, we move good, we work good, we love good.  It’s all good.

How to meditate for weight loss

If you’ve never meditated, or you’ve tried but found it didn’t stick, then here are some guidelines:

• Find a quiet place where you can be as comfortable as possible. Sit or lie down, whichever your preference. Just don’t fall asleep.

• Close your eyes, and be as still as possible.

• Start by bringing awareness to the body. Feel what’s tense, and take the opportunity to relax it.

• Focus on deep comfortable breaths. Throughout your meditation, your breath with be your landmark. The place you come back to when needed.

• Move to the top of your head, scan down to the eyebrows, eyes and cheeks. If they aren’t already, let them drop.

• Continue down to the jaw, down the neck, and over the back of the shoulders.  Notice if there’s tension, then actively let it drop.

• Continue down the body until you get to your feet.

• Notice any other sensations of your body. Don’t give it too much attention, but notice.  The cushion against your butt, the air against your skin, the rise and fall of your belly.  

• Now continue to breathe comfortably through your nose. Try to breathe down into the belly, rather than up into the chest and shoulders. This has a calming affect on your nervous system.

• If your mind wanders, so be it.  Just go back to your breath.  Even seasoned meditators think when they’re meditating. Every time you spot it, then return to breathe, thats a victory.

Final Words

Meditation is an important element of good health. Anything that’s good for health is good for weight loss.  Part of weight gain is a physical response to poor health habits.  Get all avenues of health (sleep, stress, diet, exercise, emotion) on track, and watch the extra pounds fall away.

Try to take 15 minutes per day to practice meditation.  If you’re new to it, start with 2 minutes and build it up slowly. Meditating at the same time each day can help to make it stick.

In moments where you want to eat crap or slack off from the gym, use meditation to re-calibrate and come back to your goals.

Keep in mind that meditation is very personal. There’s no one size fits all. Just do it daily, and make it your own.


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