Health Success Through Consciousness

Health Success Through Consciousness
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Health Success Through Consciousness

If you want to improve your situation, namely lose weight and get healthier, it’s necessary to raise your consciousness. 

I’m not talking about anything woo woo here. I don’t mean aligning the Chakras or trying to open the 3rd eye.  Although I believe there’s something to this, it’s not my domain.

I’m talking about something a bit more tangible. What I mean by raising consciousness is simply being more conscious.

What’s going on around you and how do your thoughts and behaviours influence it?  And vice versa.

Become conscious of your habits.  We operate more on habit than we might imagine. Notice some of the habits that might be slowing you down, and others good habits that you can hitch a ride on.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?  Do you drink coffee or water? 

Take time to think about how you use your time.  Are you running from one task to another?  Is busier really better?

Do you breathe?  I mean really breathe.  Right now.  Check your breathing.  Is it deep or shallow?  Is it down into the belly, or up into the neck and shoulders?

What about people around you?

Or have you not seen them from behind your smart phone. 

I sound judgmental, but I include my self in this one.

What are they up to?  Do you judge them?  Is it warranted or it is just a reflex?  Most of the time judgement is just a recording playing on repeat.  Worst of all, self judgement.

What do you tell yourself? How do you judge yourself?  Do you even notice when you do it?  You don’t need to change anything right away. Just notice.

When you reach into the cookie jar? Do you need it? Do you really want it?

What was happening in the moments leading up to the cookie jar?

When you’re hungry, how does it feel? Is it real hunger? If you were to ignore the feeling for a bit longer, will it kill you?

When you’re p***sed off, do you react of respond.  React?  Congratulations, you’re human.  Now that you’ve noticed it, what do you do with that information. 

What about society in general?

Oh no…we’re about to get deep.  What are we all chasing?  Does the big time corporate gig really matter or are the the majority of us chasing what we think we’re supposed to? 

What are they eating? How do you feel when you see a kid too young to make his own decisions holding a slurpy cup bigger than his head?

What about the kid in the supermarket that’s jumping with joy because mum put broccoli in the shopping trolley.  Seriously, I’ve witnessed this. Incredible.

Have you wondered why the the guy on the subway looking kinda grumpy is pretty common place, but the guy next to him smiling is a Coo-Coo?

Have we got it backwards?

What’s your philosophy?  If you don’t have one, I think you should get one.  What do you believe in?  With a clear philosophy you can check in every day to see how your actions lined up with that philosophy.  Otherwise you’re just shootin’ in the dark.

Raise your consciousness.  Ask questions.  Ponder a little bit.

Now we cant be stressing over these questions at every moment, but the simple practice of bringing more awareness creates a giant shift in how we behave. 


I’m more empathetic. I take better care of myself.  I have more respect and awe for whoever it is that created this game we call life. Sounds cheesy, but, whatever.  I also don’t care as much what other people think.

I’ve started pursuing the things I really believe in, and I believe they can really happen.  Motivation has shifted from money and personal gain to trying to elevate others.

Consciousness is a gradual process with no end game. It’s something that brings about big change, but you hardly notice it’s there along the way.  There’s never a perfect level of consciousness to attain. Progress is what we’re after here.  That goes for everything, I think. 

Take it one thought at a time

Watch it gain it’s own inertia.  Your consciousness will expand into greater possibility.

One shift in thought leads to a shift in one belief, which leads to a shift in one meal, which leads to a shift in a whole philosophy, then desires, motivation, and before you know it you’re lacing up your joggers before the sun’s even risen.

Beware of entering into consciousness with the goal of becoming a certain person. Know what’s important to you and what you want out of life, but let the person you hope to become remain a mystery.  Then get excited about what could unfold from that point.


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