5 reasons you're struggling with weight loss

5 reasons you’re struggling with weight loss
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This blog post is a bit of a summary from my ebook “Your Brain Makes You Fat”.  I’ve pulled out the juicy bits to bring you 5 reasons that you could be struggling with weight loss.  Evidently, what you’re about to read is not about the diet you choose or whether do cardio or weights.  It’s often not the question to be honest.  Here – and in the ebook – we discuss how your goal setting and mindset might be letting you down. We discuss how you think about your weight loss, and the actual hardware in your head that might be causing a big roadblock for you.  So without further ado, here are the…

5 reasons you’re struggling with weight loss :

Reason #1 – Your goals don’t mean anything

This is what weight loss goals usually look like:
– I wanna lose 20lb / kg
– I wanna lose 5 inches around my waist
– I’m gonna go to the gym 3 times a week
– I have to eat less ice cream and more veggies

Nothing wrong with that…

However, you want to have more substance in your goals. Better yet more EMOTION (capitalised for a reason).
The above goals were the goals I’d set with my clients when I was a young buck trainer. Zero emotion = Zero chance of lasting results.
Emotion is key when setting goals. We as humans are driven hugely by emotion. We think it’s intellect, but it ain’t.

So, why do you want to lose the weight? Really, WHY? What do you want to FEEL from achieving this? If you haven’t thought of this much in the past, then now’s your time. Make some emotional connections to your goals.

Here’s an example of one of my goals:
– I wan’t to be in excellent physical and mental health as I grow older. It
makes me sad to see my dad with all his aches and pains, medication and
constantly negative mood. I want the best health possible for myself and my family.


Reason #2 – Your goals are set…but now what?

Regardless of what your goals look like, what do you do with them after you’ve made them?  First off – most people don’t even set goals. Those that do, will rarely do much with them. If you’re overweight, there’s probably a reason for it. Our behaviours are so deeply engrained. If it’s negative or unhealthy behaviours, they’ve probably been developed slowly over time.

Getting back to your goals. If you set them and never look at them again, there’s nothing available to help you create healthier behaviours.
I’m not talking about getting on the scale and seeing if you’re on track. I’m talking about looking at your emotionally rich goals every day so that you
become them.


Reason #3 – Constant FOCUS on losing weight is not helping

Your psychology shapes your physiology. Basically, how you think and feel has an influence on your physical body.
When you’re in a good mood, you have positive chemicals flooding your brain. They have a global affect on you, mentally and
physically. You’ll sleep better. Your blood pressure drops. Blood sugar control is improved.  And here’s the kicker – appetite, satiety, and fat storage is managed the way it’s supposed to, so when do the work, your body rewards you for it.  When you’re stressed and in a crappy mood, the opposite is true.

When incessantly focusing on losing weight, particularly when aiming for fast results, your brain interprets this as stress, and the chemicals and hormones associated are released from the flood gates. Ironically, your focus on losing weight  harms your efforts in losing weight.



Reason #4 – Your brain isn’t convinced

In Reason #2 I described the importance of revisiting goals. Part of this is to condition your brain for the goal you’re about to work towards.
Our brain has a Set-Point in which it will always try to bring us back to. In all aspects of life. It’s an internal calibration mechanism called the Psycho-
Cybernetic System (PCS). The PCS is largely influenced by your beliefs. Anything that contradicts your beliefs, the PCS freaks out a little and tries to bring you back to the Set-Point. If you’ve looked at yourself in the mirror for years and thought “I’m fat”, it’s
pretty safe to say your subconscious brain believes it too.

If this isn’t your first time trying to lose weight, it’s likely your brain has some iffy beliefs about your ability this time round – whether it’s conscious
or not.  Your brain takes a bit of convincing. Once it’s convinced, the Set-Point shifts and your behaviours will line up with it. You’ll find healthy habits
become your norm – even your pleasure, and you’ll be less likely to self sabotage.


Reason #5 – You associate weight loss with pain

Notice how most of these points overlap. Here I emphasize Reason #1 regarding Emotion. Everything we do is motivated by either one of these
two things: Pleasure or Pain. We want to move away from one to get closer to the other (you guess which is which). It’s instinct.  What motivated me to write this content?  The pain of seeing my clients and many others fail over and again – lose just a bit more hope each time.

What motivates someone head over heels in love to do crazy romantic things? Love – the strongest of all emotions. Awww.

What makes so many people stay stagnate in their lives?  Fear. So they stay away from fear by remaining in the “pleasure” of the comfort

Why did you decide one day: “Right, starting tomorrow, I’m going doing XYZ to lose weight”?   You were unhappy with your current health or physical image.

But why didn’t that impulse stick? You set your goals, and said:   “It’s gonna be brutal, but it’ll be worth it!”

Boom. Right there – You’ve linked your weight loss goal to pain.  To hard work. To sacrifice. To stress. To gross kale smoothies.  Creating positive neural links to your weight loss goal will keep you on your path. Now that you’re going to re-set your goals, outline the pleasures that you’ll feel when you lose weight. View it in a different light.


It’s not just “fluffy positivity talk”. We all have a choice of how we see and think about things. It’ll take a bit of practice, but I promise it’ll be a game


So that’s the 5 reason you struggle with weight loss. It’s often not what to do, but how to stick to it. As you can see, all of the reasons discussed above revolve around the mind. Maybe some  points have helped you reflect on the way you think and feel about your weight loss journey.   Mindset is, without a shadow of a doubt, what makes or breaks anyone’s goal to achieve any thing.


To take a bit of a deeper dive into goal setting, mindset and applicable strategies, get stuck into the ebook – Your Brain Makes You Fat.  It’s right here, free to download.

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