We are Animals

We are Animals
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I’m sitting on the train and I see a girl opening a Kinder Surprise chocolate bar.  You know they come in all shapes and sizes now.  Is this her breakfast? I don’t know, but it’s 6.30am.  This is what she’s chosen to fuel her body. Probably not thinking 2 ways about it.  No judgement over here. Just an observation.

Some would say no biggie. Moderation. But when you take a big step back, we can notice it’s a bit bizarro… a bit sad.

This kinder bar is just one of the many types of processed things (notice I don’t use the word food) we put in our mouth all day long. It seems normal to us because most of us have been reared in a world where we just eat from a packet. I was.

We have to remember that we are animals. Yes, we’ve built up this sophisticated world around us, and in some way the food manufacturing is pretty sophisticated too. But we come from the natural world. This hasn’t changed.

Now if we think of ourselves as animals just like our cat or dog, let me ask you this: Would you feed your cat a kinder surprise? Would you pour sprite into its water bowl? Would you put all sorts of creams and lotions on its fur? Let me guess. You balk at the thought. What? That’s ridiculous. It’s an animal.  There is absolutely no difference between us and them.

If you went to the zoo & watched the Lions’ feeding time, imagine you saw the zoo-keeper give the lions twinkies. You’d be outraged. First confused…then outraged. This is a wild animal!!! We could also draw the comparison of them being stuck in a box , to us moving from couch to car to office every day. But that’s a subject for another time.

We are animals & I think keeping this in mind is key. We get lost in the hacks and strategies of health & weight loss, but all the hacks mean nothing if we don’t have this as our core philosophy. This philosophy is undisputed. It’s science. It’s nature. We ARE nature. We are animals.

Despite the fun and fancy options, the closer we can get back to being animals the healthier we’ll be.


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