GLO 6 Week program info page

6 week workout program

We design workout programs for you that are tailored to you and your goals.  Whether it’s fitness, weight loss  high performance, or all of the above, we’ve got you covered.

Getting real results means being consistent and progressively challenging your body.  For this you need a program that’s enjoyable, accessible and just right for you.

When you purchase your 6 week workout program you’ll receive 3 progressive programs, each set in 2 week blocks.

Before your first block we’ll collect all the information we need to make the perfect program for you.  We also welcome you to give us feedback so that each training block can be tweaked perfectly to optimize your results.

No matter your training environment or access to equipment, we’ll make sure your all set to go.


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What's involved?

> We’ll clarify your goals, history & environment

> Then we’ll analyze your movement quality to identify  needs and injury risk

> Your program is designed based on all of this information

> Progressive development over 3 x 2 week blocks

> Designed for home, gym, outdoors or all of the above

> Other suggestions of training or equipment to optimize results

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