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When you work with Nick, he immediately becomes your team mate. You work together to make sure you get the results you’re looking for and that they stick forever.


We’ll talk about who you are, your health and weight loss history , which direction is best to move forward.  Having the right expectations is key. Nick will help you to get clear on them from the get go, while also helping you set achievable goals.


Weight loss isn’t as simple as “move more, eat less”.  If you’ve dieted before, it’s possible you’re metabolism is a bit out of whack.  If you’re a mad exerciser, we need you fuelling appropriately – and the same goes if you’re not quite as active. 


Together we’ll come up with the plan that’s right for you, and you only.  We’ll decipher your current metabolic rate, and the ideal calorie and macro breakdown for success.   While these numbers are great in theory, there’s still the issue of making it fit into your current lifestyle.   Weight loss doesn’t have to be – and shouldn’t be all sacrifice and suffering.


The goal, when developing your nutrition and fitness protocol, is to locking down what you can stick to long term, while still enjoy life.  It’s honestly the only way that weight loss can be sustained.


While working with Nick as your coach, there’ll likely be some course correction along the way.  This is normal, and is actually an important part of learning about you.  It’s not called a “weight loss journey” for nothing.


This is where the power of coaching comes in.  Knowing when and how to course correct is a skill, and Nick will guide you along the way so that you don’t hot major plateaus or throw in the towel from frustration.


Once you get started working with Nick, you’ll remain in contact through email, WhatsApp or any other convenient method.  You’ll receive all the resources necessary once your plan is established, and you’ll likely be asked to give feedback after you’ve started implementing.  Coaching calls can be scheduled as often as necessary so that you keep you moving in the right direction.


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Coach Nick explains

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What's involved?

> 30 min 1 on 1 call. We’ll call you

> Discuss anything health, fitness, weight loss related

> Goal setting, nutrition, fitness, habits, injury, equipment

> Challenges, Plateaus, Motivation, Accountability

> Learn how to form better habits

> Add to any other GLO program

> You and your coach are a team

> For best results, follow up calls are recommended

$29USD / 30min

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