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GLO30-Plus Weight Loss Program
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Much like the GLO30 weight loss program, but with some serious plus. Get extra 1 on 1 coaching and extra workout upgrades.


The GLO30 Programs are 30 day weight loss programs designed for you to achieve permanent weight loss results. There are thousands of ways to lose weight, and contrary to common belief, almost all people that try to lose weight are actually successful. Unfortunately, only 5%of those are able to KEEP IT OFF.

Unlike many programs, the GLO30 is implemented in a way that, over 30 days, you’ll really learn how long term weight loss works. It’s time to get it right once and for all.


The goal here is 2 fold:

– We want to set you up with the calorie and macro balance that’s perfect for you AND
– Implement lifestyle changes to ensure the weight never comes back on.


We don’t expect your lifestyle to be completely overhauled in 30 days, but by the end, we’ll have created a very good foundation. In the beginning we’ll accumulate a bit of data from you to set you up on the right path. Fear not though, you won’t be twiddling your thumbs while all this goes on. You’ll have your work cut out for With this data your coach will build your personalized nutrition plan and fitness program. Cookie cutter programs have no place here at Grow Like Oak.


The GLO30plus includes a 30minute coaching call to be scheduled with the first 3 days of the program. This call is what sets the program apart from the GLO30, as well as many other weight loss programs online. Here, your coach can really get to know you and the intricacies of your weight loss experience up until now. After your initial coaching call, you’ll follow the program as it progresses over the 30 days, and your coach will continue to support you from the outskirts, tweaking specifics to optimize your results.


All GLO programs are designed to interconnect so that you achieve your desired result. If you need to get on another call with your coach at some point – Absolutely. If you want to progress your workout again at the end – Consider it done.


No program should leave you crawling to the finish line. In fact, no program should have a finish line at all! A crash diet without an after plan will always be destined to fail. The GLO30 is the ultimate coaching program that puts the tools and the power in your hands to keep achieving your weight loss goals forever.

Coach Nick explains

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What's involved?

> Start with a one on one coaching call

> Goal Setting strategies that WORK

> Food journal analysis

> Easy to understand & implement nutrition advice

> Detox with real food

> 2 x personalized workout programs

> Free copy of the eBook Your Brain Makes You Fat

> Designed to reduce overwhelm & create sustainable change

> Your coach follows you throughout

> Delivered progressively, straight to your email

> 10% off coaching additional calls*


* Discount applies to unlimited additional coaching calls throughout the 30 day program.  Discount only applies to one follow up coaching call after completion of the program.

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